Royals 2


The classically glamorous rings from this royal family can also be worn as stunning pendants. Breath-taking center stones are cradled on an engineered axis to seamlessly transform when turned 90 degrees. Side diamonds can also be added to further compliment these amazing pieces.



In the Sparkle series, rectangular gems seem to float within each design. Sky cocktail rings offer geometrical elegance while Über rings can dress up a diamond band or make a statement all on their own. The Blink and Fireworks earrings compliment both styles and with so many gem options, there is a match for each skin, eye and hair color. All pieces are available in sterling silver and gold.


Inspired by travel, these pieces are clever, versatile, colorful and perfect for collecting! One main element easily transforms into three different eye catching designs. Worn as a pendant, ring or brooch, this collection will become your favorite travel companion. An added bonus, simple jump rings come in all sizes to help solve the ring size problem. These beauties truly are one size fits all!



These Amorets or „tokens of love“ allow for endless possibilities. Each piece in the collection has a story of their own or can be combined to create your own story. Today’s woman is on the go and wants accessories that reflect her fast-paced and ever changing lifestyle. Versatility makes the collection timeless and the many options make them easily collectible.



The Energy Collection features „fortune-rock“ necklaces that are not only stunning to look at, but the crystals used are said to hold energy and power that can benefit the wearer in many  ways. A construction of two Sterling Silver rings hold these glass marbles in place.



This collection is like a breath of fresh air in the world of unisex accessories: clever, technical, masculine and interesting. The classically innovative pieces are surprising, attractive, comfortable to wear and there is something for everybody.



There are three ring models in the South Sea Pearl Collection. Each holds an undrilled pearl and consists of two parts that can be taken apart to take the pearl out and interchange it with a pearl of another color. Matching interchangable earstuds accent the beauty of the rings.


Engagement rings and wedding bands are symbols of commitment and everlasting love but each one should be as unique as the person wearing it. Whether working with the couple or discussing the piece meant to be a surprise, Elena provides a relaxed environment to discuss what the ring should convey and what important elements should be incorporated into the design. Not limited to just the engagement ring and wedding bands, Elena can also work with you on gifts of gratitude for your bridal party.



A piece of jewelry designed and made by Elena Kriegner is a unique work of art. If you are fantasizing about your own custom-made or redesigned jewelry, Elena will transform your vision into a reality.



Inspired by Immunocologie’s Super 7 Elixir – the serum that contains snail serum – a snail shell silver ring molded from an actual shell is a tribute to the special ingredient. A wearable work of art!